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Creative Entrepreneurship is excited to have you as a guest and we look forward to helping you promote your business. Our ideal listeners are looking to build a business and want to know how you were able to build yours. If you are a screen printer or author or marketer etc., they want to know what you started with, how much money you invested, how you network, and any challenges or successes you have faced along the way just to name a few.

In this podcast, we talk about business. Although we focus on creative entrepreneurs, it is not exclusive to creatives as much of the information is universal. The techniques mentioned in this podcast can be used in business to generate income, leads, or sales. We focus on marketing, sales, lead generation, growth, change, organization, leadership, management, analysis, market, affiliates, profit, opportunity, leverage, coaching, sponsors, advertising, SEO, positioning, branding just to name a few. Although there is no limit to the subjects in business it is important to keep the audience interested by providing topic-based shows. We are going to focus on direct questions with terse and succinct answers. We love great stories that corroborate your answers. We try to keep the podcast to 30 min.

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