Best Approach to Starting Your Own Gym

Start Your Own Gym
Start Your Own Gym


If you’ve ever dreamed about starting your own gym, you’ll need some help getting it off the ground. This episode will take you through all of the steps needed to make this dream a reality!

Decide What Type of Gym You’ll Be

This is the most important step in starting a gym. You need to decide what type of gym you want to start, as this will guide all other decisions.

  • What type of equipment do you want? Will it be for cardio or weight training?
  • How many members do you want? Starting out with 20 members is optimal because it’s not too small nor too large; but if you don’t reach 20 members within six months, then it’s time to reevaluate the type of gym that suits your needs best (and maybe reconsider your membership rates).
  • How much do you want to charge for membership? $20 per month is standard for most gyms these days; however, some gyms charge more than others based on their location and facilities/services offered (e.g., 24-hour access vs hours posted online). It

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