Getting a grip on time management

Time Management
Time Management


It’s a fact of life: time is the most valuable resource we have. We can’t make more of it, but we can make better use of it. In order to get everything that you want to get done in a day, you need to learn how to manage your time effectively and efficiently. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you do just that:

Don’t try to do the work of the day in one day.

It’s tempting to try to do the work of the day in one day. Or to try to do everything at once, or too much at once, or all by yourself and perfectly. But your brain just can’t take that kind of pressure for very long. If you want it to work well, then slow down and give yourself a break from trying so hard–it’ll make more sense later if you do that.

Learn to prioritize.

You can also prioritize tasks by importance, time sensitivity and energy level. Remember that the most important task is to get the right balance between work and rest so that you have sufficient energy for each day. The best way to ensure this is to do your most important task first thing in the morning when your brain is fresh.

If you have too many tasks with different priorities on your list, try using a priority matrix as shown below. This will help you decide which activities need to be done first and which ones can wait until later in the day or week:

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