How Leadership Affects Change

Transformational and Transactional Leadership

By Abel Garza 09/23/2019

In business, we find that change is inevitable. Change is the evolution of which companies continue to compete, succeed and perform at peak performance. Is all change good or do we just embrace the idea that we should transform regardless of need?  In theory, flexibility and good leadership practices lean toward a successful transition. A seasoned leader may find a path forward by practicing certain skills favorable to change. Inevitably, we see leaders practice transactional and or transformational leadership when necessary. Business is a turbulent environment that requires leadership legerdemain. This co-existence of transactional and transformational characteristics is a continual process based on organization and vision.

Transactional Leadership

The concept of transactional leadership is not new (Burns, 1978). The concept was mentioned in 1981 by Bernard Bass on the principle that it coincides primarily with managers views (Bass, 2008). The transactional concept focuses on organizational goals and the connection to effort and reward. These responsive characteristics hone in on personal and basic human needs by appealing to the follower

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